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Perez Duran


Business & Relationship Senior Director for a Global Credit Rating Agency


Finance & Administration


Mexico, Netherlands

This is Irais Pérez, born in Mexico City and impregnated with lots of cultures too. I love living abroad and getting to know cultures and, when possible, languages as it keeps me closer to the locals. I studied Economics in Mexico and did my master's in Sweden where I lived almost 6 years right before moving to Vietnam for a 6 months period where I got the amazing opportunity to travel around Asia and meet fantastic people.
As to my working life, I enjoy being in the financial world both on the analytical and commercial fronts. Currently in the Business & Relationship Management as Senior Director for a Global Credit Rating Agency.

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Having lived abroad in Europe and Asia and being from Latin America has had a huge impact on me. I understand life from different angles which makes me embrace diversity in many ways. It is very enriching for the mind and soul to know that we all belong to this world and we make it more united when we make room for inclusion. Helping to foster an environment that values diversity and celebrates unconventional ideas is essential in today's society. Diversity is not just about the visible differences between people, but also includes a variety of experiences, thoughts and perspectives. The unconventional, challenges the status quo and embraces the unique and the innovative. I personally co-founded LatAm Women's Network at the company I work for and I also sponsor the Green Wave ERG working closely with amazing and engaged folks.

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