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United States, United Kingdom

My name is Inanna. I am a creative in real estate. I work as a graphic and interior designer. I am based in New York, London and California. I am enthusiastic about people, cultures, ideas and kinship.
I spend my time painting, adventuring, cooking and experimenting. I'm working on being comfortable with boredom and loneliness. My dream is to find symbiosis in my physical, mental and fiscal health.

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Being a female creative in a male dominated, formalist industry (real estate) has meant that I have always been unconventional at work. I feel my existence within the industry, means constantly pushing convention to be more inclusive of a creative footprint through ideas and job creation.
In my personal life I was born unconventionally to non-married or coupled parents. My family is large, mixed and spread out. Although frequent traveling has become pretty conventional for my generation, it has been an important part of my self discovery since my childhood.

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How do you think you can contribute to the community? What do you feel you are an expert in and could give advice to the community on? Would you like to mentor in any area of expertise?
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