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Impact entrepreneur, international project manager, board advisor, curator, author.


Innovation & Entrepreneurship


Portugal, Global

My expertise spans government and international development institutions, civil society, and business. At the heart of my work lies a keen interest in the convergence of technology, sustainability, inclusion, entrepreneurship, and international development, and supporting the rise of a creative feminine leadership. Born and raised in Morocco, I have worked and traveled across Europe, Africa, and the Americas and Asia, developing and nurturing impact tech enabled creative ventures with different communities and organizations. I am currently focused on nurturing the burgeoning leadership movement among Black, Indigenous, and Women of Color (BIWOC), supporting emerging entrepreneurs and philanthropists, and fostering cultural innovators who are driving global impact. I love to dance, particularly Gaga dance and Afro-Brazilian funk.

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As a multi-hyphenate Arab African working globally, I aim to connect with mavericks and outliers, amplify our superpowers for service, and enhance my skills in finding the alchemy of what's possible and uniting people.

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