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I'm an experienced Doula + Childbirth Educator + Mizan therapist + astrologer.


Motherhood & Fertility


Indonesia, United States

Hi, my name is Felicia. I’m an experienced birth doula / birth keeper, post partum doula, childbirth educator, and mizan therapist (a very special womb and fertility therapy). I started out attending births around New York City, and then, I began traveling Europe as a birth keeper, having attended the holistic midwifery course at Da A Luz Midwifery School. Right now, I am traveling India + Southeast Asia (Headed to Bali!). I walk with women (and their partners) as they enter the birth portal, and support them on their journey to becoming parents. Even outside the realm of birth, I help women reconnect to their womb from the physiological to spiritual, as women. This to me, is where the world begins to change, with our relationship to ourself. I am also an experienced astrologer and the host of a really vibrant podcast with a small global following called Wisdom Weavers.

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I fully embrace diversity and unconventionality with my whole heart. Originating from New York City, I've worked with people from all different backgrounds. As an experienced doula, I've attended births across multiple countries, recognizing the universal experience of life beginning in the womb, despite cultural differences. Nomadic for years, I'm currently exploring India and Southeast Asia. I host the Wisdom Weavers Podcast, sharing stories of birth, death, science, and transformation worldwide. We're in a pivotal moment in history, each responsible for our growth and path. Diversity enriches us; rebellion against mere conformity sparks meaningful and revolutionary change. Through my roles as a human being (and all other labels: doula, childbirth educator, mizan therapist, birth + fertility+ womb coach, and astrologer) I aspire to serve.

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