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Innovation & Entrepreneurship


United States, United Kingdom

I'm a screenwriter and journalist based between London and New York. At the tender age of 20 – newly arrived to London – I was published in The Independent broadsheet and haven’t lost my taste for a byline since.

I’ve developed, written and edited narrative work with leading Oscar and BAFTA-nominated film producers, directors and companies such as Macmillan Entertainment NY, Miramax UK, Gate Television, SBS and Screen Australia.

I’ve also penned editorial and SEO content for The Independent UK, Forbes, Fast Company, The Toronto Star, Sydney Morning Herald and msn, as well as start-ups and major corporations. I write about travel, business, tech, politics, the arts and wellness.

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Diversity is a beautiful thing. I'm passionate about equality, social and racial justice and inclusion, and addressing the legacies of colonialism. I'm also excited about fourth wave feminism and addressing patriarchal violence against women and the gains we've made, but we have more to do, especially regarding income equality for women of colour who earn way less for every dollar earned by white men.

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