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Retail & E-commerce


Mexico, Puerto Rico

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I pursued my studies in art, specializing in documentary photography. Most of my professional experience has been spent documenting projects for nonprofit organizations. My work took me to both national and international agencies, some of the most prominent being ProNatura, OXFAM GB, The Nature Conservancy, UN-Habitat, and RainForest Alliance. My lens has captured an array of themes - social issues, environmental concerns, public health, housing, natural disasters, sustainable development projects, carbon sequestration (REDD+), food crises, fair trade, and extreme poverty among many others. While documenting projects for such diverse NGOs, I gained an up-close understanding of the complex aspects related to sustainability. It's provided me with a hands-on and human perspective of the unsustainability of the system. You can't definitely separate social and economic aspects from the environmental. I've always been drawn to projects aimed at creating a positive impact. Nowadays, innovation, incorporating circular economy into production processes, and impact investment projects are what I am most passionate about. I strongly believe that the industry has a crucial role to play on the path to sustainability, for better or for worse.

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