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Portugal, United Kingdom

Danielle Huggins is an attachment and trauma psychotherapist and creator of the innovative platform Align Attune; Providing counseling and creative consulting globally to individuals of all ages seeking holistic evidence-based treatment.

Danielle has an innovative music project under the handle KEY ERA, where she is pioneering a ‘psychangelic’ sound and vision; an analog-inspired dreamworld of musical frequencies of depth and light and soulful substance in collaboration with resonant recording artists. Actively involved in psychedelic art, psychology, medicine, and music communities around the globe, KEY ERA embodies the unifying power of light, colour, sound and the energetics of the human voice.

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As an American, leaving the country is already unconventional. As I found ways to be abroad traveling more and more, I would consistently get random messages from people asking me how i had the nerve, how I made it work, how I dared to leave my old life. When I restarted my remote career in therapy after years of traveling, making art and music...I have been able to inspire my creative clients to do the same and can guide them now from experience and I see those ripples in friends, family and clients.

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