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Life and health coach with a specialization on healing physical pain or desease by identifying its emotional cause


Healthcare & Medicine


Spain, Portugal

Professionally I am a coach (I started as a Life coach and later specialised in Healing coaching - healing physical pain or desease by working on its emotional or psychological cause). combine this coaching with jewelry design (I create tailor-made jewels considering the person’s look, taste, astrology and personality needs - choosing stones and symbols that will be energetically/emotionally beneficial). I am also passionate about everything related to holistic health, spirituality and aesthetics. My energy boosters are travelling, reading, arts and ceramics and connecting with people.

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I believe that each person’s uniqueness is their biggest talent. It’s by enhancing our unconventional personality traits and desires that we find our path and can bring to this world what we are meant to. Most societies make us believe the contrary, that we are all the same and should act as everybody else does. So most of us have tried to “adapt” hiding our unconventional differences. Focusing on developing these parts of us (being truly authentic) and embracing other people’s differences are the key to freedom and happiness.

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