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I'm a holistic female health practitioner focusing on nutrition and healing herbs.


Wellness & Well-Being


Taiwan, Germany

My name is Chiara. Originally from a small town in Germany, my journey began with moving to Berlin, but my heart was always drawn to Asia. This longing led me to live in Thailand for a period before settling down in Taiwan. It was here in Asia that I discovered my passion for Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).
In Germany, I found my purpose in empowering women to heal their hormones and reclaim their health. Alongside this mission, I am deeply passionate about nutrition and utilizing healing herbs tailored for supporting menstrual health. Today, I educate and empower women globally, encouraging them to embrace their menstrual cycles as a natural gift that unites us all in womanhood.

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I embrace diversity and unconventionality by drawing from the rich tapestry of cultures I’ve experienced in Asia. These experiences have broadened my perspective and allowed me to integrate various healing traditions into my work. Using a blend of healing herbs, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and nutrition, I tailor my approach to meet each woman’s unique needs. This holistic method honors the diverse backgrounds and experiences of the women I support, finding strength and inspiration in our shared journey.

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