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Multidimensional business coach and mentor. Social entrepreneur. Investor.


Personal Growth


Spain, Belgium

I am an explorer at heart and a visionary. I am devoted to bringing ancestral wisdom and spirituality back into our modern professional world.

I am a multidimensional business coach and mentor. I guide women entrepreneurs and corporate leaders to unleash their power, create generational change through inner healing and manifest heaven on earth through creating and growing heart-led businesses.

My coaching is multidimensional and experiential : from business to inner healing, strategy to intuition, mindset to emotional agility and neuroscience to ancestral wisdom.

I have a background in engineering, and worked several years in corporate Pharma. After burning out I completely changed my life and devoted my time to learning how to heal myself and create multidimensional success so I could help woman do the same.

I am also a social entrepreneur and an investor.

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I have been living following my own rules for almost a decade. I left behind all that I new in pursuit of something bigger, a sense of purpose and magic. I went from being quite conventional, even if a bit rebel at heart, to very unconventional.

This journey lead me to stand for diversity in new ways : filming for an exhibition called « 50 shades of racism » organized in collaboration with the artist JR and filming for a project to raise awareness around disabilities and accessing the workplace.

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