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I work for the Oregon Tourism Commission. I coordinate and manage events.


Hospitality & Travel


United States

Hi! I am Bunny, a Sag sun ,Gemini moon Gemini rising :) I am a creative who loves to travel, learn languages, grow through new experiences and ways of seeing the world. I have a public health background but now work in tourism. I feel fulfilled through travel, being in nature, moving my body and being in connection with the environment wherever I go.

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I have been learning to embrace all parts of myself, celebrating my own complexities as way to see other people and accept them as well. It wasn't until 35 that I really started to own my own different-ness and I soon realized it really held all the keys to my own happiness. I love learning about how others express themselves through their art, food, dance, music, spirituality and community.

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How do you think you can contribute to the community? What do you feel you are an expert in and could give advice to the community on? Would you like to mentor in any area of expertise?
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