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Book Publisher and Marketer


Art & Culture


Portugal, United States

Reading, surfing, playing piano, and traveling are my favorite hobbies; so, a few years ago, I quit my job, started a book publishing company, moved my piano and surfboard to Portugal, and have been traveling and running my company from various cities in Iberia ever since. I love bringing groups of intellectually curious people together, creating safe spaces for important and inspiring dialogue. My goal is to start a writers' retreat, open a small community bookstore, and continue to find ways to support literature.

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I started my publishing company because I was so disheartened by the lack of diversity among authors and publishers. When you walk into a bookstore and want to buy a book, you're looking to find some common ground with the protagonist or author. If you're not a white man or woman who fits into heteronormative conventions, that task is harder than it should be. I give voice to authors who would likely be overlooked by traditional publishers, giving debut writers a chance to break out into the publishing industry and begin their writing career.

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