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Co-Founder & Creative Director focused on modern leadership, creativity & partnership


Innovation & Entrepreneurship


Mexico, United States

I have been collaborating with my co-founder, Kassidy Brown, for over a decade. Together, we have created multiple businesses that harness our combined backgrounds in content production, real estate development, design, public speaking and community gathering.
Our entrepreneurial journey began in 2013 with the launch of our production studio. During this period we produced, directed and hosted an episodic film series titled, “A Woman’s Place: Documenting the Front Lines of Feminism.”
In 2018, Kassidy and I began building The XX Venue, which now operates as a 15,000SF independent art gallery, cultural center and private venue located in Brooklyn, New York.
Currently, we are based in Mexico City and have broadened our professional offerings to include working with other creative partners to provide counsel and guidance for achieving and maintaining partnership success.

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My entrepreneurial pursuits have all been driven by my desire to shift inequitable expressions of power and imbalanced experiences of leadership. The businesses I have created with my co-founder are dedicated to amplifying the voices, creativity and diverse contributions of modern leaders and creators.

We are currently in the process of launching a program for creative partners because we believe partnership is a powerful model for exemplifying "power with" versus "power over."

We feel that when strong, nourishing partnerships intentionally champion the distinct identities and objectives of each partner, the partnership itself becomes an invaluable instrument for shared professional success, plays a vital role in creating a rewarding and fully-expressed life and, most importantly, provides a powerful alternative to the status quo of hierarchical structures.

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