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Circular Fashion / Yoga Instructor




United States

I’m Alessandra Cruz. I was born and raised on Miami Beach to Cuban parents. During my life I’ve lived in London, Florence, and Costa Rica. I am a writer, yoga instructor, art-lover, traveler, dreamer and believer. I work at The RealReal sourcing clothing for the circular fashion economy. I am the founder and creator of Nosotras a Miami based women circle and supper club taking place every new moon in a secret garden.

My entire life is a ceremony, a devotion. My life’s work is to have others see the light that lies within them.

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A life that is predictable or filled with sameness is boring to me. The world we live is can be narrow and so we must consciously undergo multiple metamorphosis to become our most dynamic interesting self. I even enjoy hearing someone's opposing political views. Diversity keeps life interesting. I was born on Miami Beach to cuban parents surrounded by orthodox jewish families to my right and a wild puerto rican/ iranian family to my left. At 19 I moved to London alone. Diversity is all I know and all I chose to know.

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How do you think you can contribute to the community? What do you feel you are an expert in and could give advice to the community on? Would you like to mentor in any area of expertise?
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