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Yoni Egg Mysteries - Online program for women

Wellness & Wellbeing


Yoni egg is a practice for women that supports women’s health, creativity and sexuality. In the ancient Taoist tradition, a vagina was worshipped as a cosmic portal to the universe where all life comes from. Taoists knew that she was a portal to powerful life-force energy that can be used to create whatever you desire. And they developed yoni egg practices to activate and harness this life-giving energy. Working with Taoist Yoni Egg Practices can support you to:
* increase sensitivity in your vagina
* tone your pelvic floor muscles
* heal past wounds, conditioning, trauma stored in your womb
* rebalance your hormones
* experience full body orgasms
* create a new, empowered relationship with yourself and your sexuality
This is a self-paced journey with an option to join LIVE journey.

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