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Santa Gertrudis

Transformation Through Qi Gong

Wellness & Wellbeing


In this workshop you will learn:
🌱The foundations & principles of practice: posture, breath & alignment. 🌱Dao Yin warm up exercises akin to pressing refresh on the nervous system. 🌱The Self-Healing Form, a beautiful practice that helps to clear incoherence in the body. Creating a more grounded, centred and open-hearted relationship with yourself and your life purpose. 🌱Shibashi 1, a Tai Chi Qi Gong form consisting of 18 movements focusing on alignment, boosting our immunity, improving circulation, digestion, mental capacity, co-ordination and strengthening muscles & joints.
YOU WILL LEARN: 🍃Tools to support digestive issues, sleep disorders, PMT, anger, depression & anxiety. 🍃To feel Qi (energy) and deepen your perceptions and understanding of it.

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