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New York

Microdosing for beginners: How to rewire your brain using microdosing

Wellness & Wellbeing


The Microdosing Manual: Navigate the basics of what microdosing truly entails. Establish a solid foundation by understanding its principles and the science behind it.
1. Setting Intentions and Crafting Your Environment: Before embarking on the microdosing journey, it's pivotal to anchor oneself with a clear intention. Furthermore, the environment or 'set and setting' plays a monumental role in shaping the experience. Learn how to curate both to your advantage.
2. Track to Triumph: Discover tools to monitor your microdosing journey. By logging your experiences, you can fine-tune your approach, ensuring you derive maximum benefits.
3. The Mindset Map: Engage in introspective exercises to discern your current mindset
Note: This event is purely educational. No substances will be distributed.

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