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Mexico City

Medicine Social Club July

Music & Concerts


11/7 CELEBRATING CREATIVITY, CULTURE & CONNECTION Medicine greets the world of electronic mixing and holistic lifestyle with Marques Wyatt, the legendary founder of Deep, flying in from Los Angeles. The evening concludes with an unforgettable performance by Fede Diaz, whose bohemian fingers will dance across the strings.
18/7 EFFERVESCENCE OF PRESENCE welcomes the feminine tropical bloom of expression of DJ Marea Marea, representing Mexico City’s artists, and Leo Prakash closing with a mystical & elegant Sitar concert.
25/7 WE ARE YOU, YOU ARE WE mirrors artists with keen passion and beauty; from Lake Atitlan, Guate, DJ Magisus brings an eruption of energy to the dance floor while Renee Mooi, mexican, activist & contemporary artist closes with an intimate concert.

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