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INARA presents Mystical Essence by Pascale Caristo & Avy Shanty

Music & Concerts


INARA invites Pascale Caristo & Avy Shanty to play an intimate concert inspired by our IKARO fragrance that is meant to reconnect you to your deepest self and help you express your inner power to the world. Combining the wisdom of plants and neuroscience, INARA’s IKARO fragrance is a ceremonial blend of basil, cypress, mapacho tobacco, sandalwood and iris. The fragrance was designed to unlock the expression of your true self to help you reclaim your wholeness and power.

What to expect: Welcome Elixir • Parfums by INARA (travel size gift sample) • LIVE Concert (90 min)
Location: World by Hand,Tulum
Timing: Doors open at 8pm

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