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INARA's Heart Activation through Scent & Sound featuring Lumbrero & Fodreka

Music & Concerts


Join INARA, Lumbrero & Reka Fodor for a sensorial evening in collaboration with Tulum’s top musicians, mixologists, designers and artists. Between the earthly and the divine, this multi-sensory experience fuses electronic down-tempo beats, psychedelic sound textures, mantra-like guitars and ancestral chants to build a channel from the mind to the heart. Transcending space and time, the mystical sounds will be magnified with INARA’s 528 Hertz fragrance -a delicious blend of cacao, rose, spices and woods- inspiring oneness with the universe. Participants will receive INARA’s 528 Hertz fragrance gift sample with a 10% discount code on the entire collection, an Edible Elixir & a 90 minutes Sonic Journey. Limited to 25 guests only

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